Healthcare news roundup: $50,000 for Beebe testing; Beebe CEO takes helm; Sharing treatment experiences


blankCouple donates $50,000 to help Beebe’s COVi-19 testing work

Scott and Tracy Sipprelle have committed $50,000 to Beebe Healthcare’s COVID-19 response efforts.

Scott and Tracy, who own a home in Lewes, wanted to support Beebe in an effort to allow the healthcare system to purchase the necessary technology and testing equipment that would allow Beebe to test for COVID-19 at the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus.

“We felt compelled to contribute funds to help the hospital prepare and to make the critical investments needed to confront the health crisis. Investing in Beebe is our way of investing in the community,” Scott and Tracy said.

“Beebe is working to ensure the optimal process for screening and testing as many Sussex County residents as possible for COVID-19. This way, we can develop the best methods for illness prevention as well as plans for the expected surge of critically ill patients. The support we receive from Scott and Tracy Sipprelle will help equip team Beebe with the needed equipment to combat this pandemic and save lives in Sussex County,” said Dr. David Tam, CEO of Beebe Healthcare.

The Sipprelle’s donation was to Beebe’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, which was started to be used to help purchase medical equipment, supplies, and costs directly associated with patient care, enabling our team members to continue to do what it takes to keep everyone safe.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, needs may increase or change. Members of the community looking to donate a monetary amount can visit Information is also available on donations of medical items.

blankTam joins early as Beebe CEO to assist in coronavirus battle

While on the subject of Beebe, Dr. DavidDr. Tam joined Beebe Healthcare earlier than previously announced this month to assist with the ongoing preparedness and response to the Coronavirus disease.

“Beebe has already acted quickly to support the community regarding COVID-19. The mobile screening event Saturday was extremely successful and a proud moment for the healthcare system to offer to our neighbors,” Tam said earlier. “I felt a sense of duty as a future leader in the community to begin as soon as possible and continue the momentum of Beebe’s great work.”

Most recently, Dr. Tam served as the Chief Operating Officer of Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA, part of Providence St Joseph’s Health, one of the largest and most comprehensive not-for-profit health systems in the nation.

He is also a retired Captain in the United States Navy with 24 years of active service.

He has experience in military and private health care systems.

Physicians asked to share treatment experiences

The editor of the Delaware Medical Journal of the Medical Society of Delaware is looking physicians to write about their experiences in treating patients with COVID-19 (coronavirus).
Peter Rocca, MD acknowledged that physicians may be hard pressed to write down their experiences.
“The way out of this crisis, however, is by working together. To that end, the DMJ staff hopes you will be able to find the time to help educate your fellow clinicians.”
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