Delware raises its grade to an ‘A’ grade in national coronavirus tracking effort


A project reportingthe coronavirus pandemic now gives Delaware an “A” grade as the state reported double the number of tests that were previously reported.

The COVID Tracking Project collects information from 50 US states, the District of Columbia, and five other US territories.

As late as Tuesday afternoon Delaware ranked near the bottom in the number of tests, despite its location on the Northeast Corridor. As of today, the state reported 4,000 tests, up from 2,500 earlier.

The state Tuesday rolled out a revised online dashboard (see below) with more detailed information.

The national project includes positive and negative results, pending tests, and the number of people tested for each state or district currently reporting that data.

Delaware joins Maryland, which at first earned a D but later moved up to an A.Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York State all earned A grades.

Earllier, only Wyoming, the least populated U.S. state had disclosed fewer tests than Delawarblanke among smaller states. North Dakota, with 200,000 fewer people than Delaware was listed with nearly 4,000 tests, compared to 2,500 at the time for Delaware.

Oklahoma reported the fewest tests among more heavily populated states with numbers that virtually matched those of Wyoming. The Sooner State has nearly four million residents.

The project notes that the figures may not include all results if government entities are running behind in compiling numbers.

“While I don’t think we can comment on this specific report or that grade, we can tell you that we are constantly reviewing our statistical reporting processes. It is important that the data we are releasing publicly is accurate,” said Delaware Division of Public Health spokesperson,Jen Brestel. “With results coming in from multiple sources (i.e. various commercial labs) at multiple times, it’s more challenging to provide an accurate snapshot in time and assure that information is accurate. We are getting closer to that point. It is also important that we be consistent and report information in a way that is sustainable as the situation evolves.”

The division has also added a map that shows that cases have been cropping in almost every zip code in the state.

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