Delaware jobless claims top 10,700

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Delaware weekly initial jobless claims topped the 10,700 mark, the U.S. Department of Labor reported Thursday.

The figure was among the highest among states with smaller populations as employers struggled with the impact of a sharp decline in business and government-ordered closings due to the coronavirus outbreak.

State Labor Department officials have remained quiet about the claims and whether there have been any problems with processing the high volume of claims. Delaware had previously moved to online claim processing.

However, those without computers faced challenges, since libraries have been closed.

Neighboring Pennsylvania topped the list with more than 375,000 claims, by far the highest in the nation, even though a portion of the state was not covered under stay at home orders.

Even states like New York, California and Washington – the epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic – did not come close to matching Pennsylvania’s figures.

The national jobless figure totaled nearly 3.3 million.

Below is the full report on jobless claims from the U.S. Department of Labor.



Up until now, the volume of jobless claims in Delaware had been light, averaging around 500 a week, according to U.S. Department of Labor figures.

Claims surged as emergency declarations were issued in the region. The order from Gov. John Carney closed all restaurants to indoor and outdoor dining, with service limited to take-out and delivery.


(U.S. Labor Department figures. Click on image for higher resolution)

Federal coronavirus legislation now making its way through Congress is expected to temporarily increase unemployment compensation payments.

Delaware pays a maximum of $400 a week in unemployment compensation, compared to $573 in Pennsylvania and $430 in Maryland. Last year, legislators raised the weekly payment in Delaware from $330 to $400.

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