3 testing positive for coronavirus work at Eastside Charter School, Wilmington public works, DuPont Chestnut Run


Employers confirmed that staffers at Wilmington’s Eastside Charter School, the City of Wilmington and a DuPont Chestnut Run site were among those testing positive for coronavirus.

The three are believed to be among the eight new cases reported on Tuesday. The state does not list new cases by occupation. 

Earlier,  the bulk of the cases in Delaware were tied to the University of Delaware community. Delaware now has 16 confirmed cases, including one in Sussex County.

The school announcement came in a letter to parents from Eastside’s CEO Aaron Bass.  The individual is isolated at home.  Eastside is closed for two weeks, with the custodial crew performing deep cleaning work.

Eastside staff and families are advised to look for symptoms. Should symptoms appear,  they are asked to consult their physician. Those without a physician are asked to contact  Dana Carr at the Delaware  Division of Public Health at 703-942-9912.

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki confirmed that a Public Works Department employee tested positive. The employee is resting in isolation. 

The area where the employee worked was deep cleaned with co-workers contacted.

The public works site is in Wilmington’s Southbridge area.

DuPont spokesman Dan Turner stated that  DuPont continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and a recent case.

“We can confirm that a Chestnut Run Plaza employee has tested positive for the virus. The employee is in isolation and receiving medical treatment,” Turner continued. “The building where the employee works has been locked down for deep cleaning. Only essential personnel are permitted to be on-site at this time and they will not be permitted to enter the building until the deep cleaning is completed.”

DuPont Integrated Health Services provided assistance to the employee and has contacted all individuals with whom the employee worked and provided these individuals with additional guidance and public health resources in cooperation with the state.

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki announced Tuesday that the Public Works employee is at home in self-quarantine. Eleven other employees who interacted with the employee are isolated at home.

The employee works at the city’s Municipal Complex on Wilmington Avenue in the  Southbridge. area.

State health officials also advised the city about the proper process for the decontamination of  areas of the Municipal complex. Purzycki said the decontamination of the building will be completed tonight.

Early cases of coronavirus were linked to the University of Delaware community. More recent cases have come from outside UD.

The bulk of recent coronavirus cases were detected during a drive-up testing event on Wilmington’s Riverfront conducted by ChristianaCare.

Not all results from the screenings have been received. 

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