Delmarva Power continues to reduce outage rate


For the third straight year, Delmarva Power customers experienced record-breaking electric service reliability.

  • Delmarva Power customers experienced the lowest frequency of electric outages ever in 2019, marking a 9 percent decrease from the previous low set in 2018.
  • A 36 percent decrease in the frequency of electric outages customers experienced during the past five years, thanks to energy system upgrades and new innovative technologies.
  • In 2019, on average, customers experienced less than one outage over the course of the year, and if service was interrupted, crews were able to safely restore service around 94 minutes.

“The unwavering commitment our employees have to providing the best possible service for our customers is key to our repeated success,” said Tyler Anthony, senior vice president & COO, Pepco Holdings, which includes Delmarva Power. “Through their hard work, and our integration of advanced technologies and industry best practices, we continue to meet our customers evolving energy needs and be a leader in the delivery of clean, safe and reliable energy.”

Delmarva Power’s record-breaking reliability also was recognized by PA Consulting, which presented the company with its 2019 ReliabilityOne™ Outstanding Midsize Utility Award for providing customers with exceptional service reliability.

In 2019, Delmarva Power completed several projects to help modernize the energy grid and enhance reliability for customers.

In 2020, Delmarva Power will perform work on several major projects as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance reliability and modernize the local energy grid. TheCool Springs to Indian River Transmission Line Rebuildwill replace transmission and distribution lines, modernizing the local energy grid and improving reliability for 75,800 customers in Sussex County.

Delmarva Power also continues to share best practices for managing the local energy grid and responding to outages with its Exelon sister companies, Atlantic City Electric, BGE in Baltimore, ComEd in Chicago, PECO in Philadelphia, and Pepco in Washington, D.C.

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