Delaware ranks in top tier as business location


Delaware ranks eighth in the nation as a business location.

The ranking from  U.S. News  will raise eyebrows in the business community since many of the states in the top 10  have high tax rates. California ranked first on the list, despite its high tax rates and cost of living figures.

Other top states included Arizona, Utah, Washington and Connecticut.

Two big factors in the ranking was the business birth rate and the number of patents in relation to the size of the population. 

The presence of DuPont Co. and its Experimental Station, as well as the state’s large number of residents with a doctorate degree has kept the state’s ranking high in that cagtegory.

The state Division of Small Business highlighted the ranking. By contrast, a couple of public policy groups in the state’s have taken note of the state’s high personal income tax rate and sluggish overall growth through Emails and social media posts.

Delaware finished  23rd  in an overall ranking of the states by U.S. News. The ranking included education, health care, the economy and fiscal stability.


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