What this poll tells us and a day long ago when it snowed


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State polls in Delaware are as rare as  a quiet day on  Interstate 95 or as my mother would say  “hens teeth.”

That’s why  the Gonzales  poll out of Maryland gained some attention from the media and business community. Gonzales does a lot of polling in Maryland and the Washington, DC area.

Delaware typically does not see polling until later in the year.

The poll  took a look at the presidential race and the popularity of Delaware’s political leaders.

The most surprising finding –   Democratic hopefuls for president other than Joe Biden  have only the narrowest of  leads over Donald Trump. Only former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg had a statistically  meaningful  lead over the president.

Biden remains  popular and enjoys  a  16-point lead over Trump. Trump has a 45 percent approval rating, roughly the national average.

Gov. John Carney, thanks in part to the economic recovery, retains a popularity rating of 49 percent. Both U.S. Rep.  Lisa Blunt Rochester and U.S. Sen. Tom Carper have comparable ratings.

Chris Coons, who has been a mainstay on network and cable news shows, has a 55 percent favorable rating.

The message here is that Delaware remains a blue state, but clearly prefers moderates.

That’s not good news for progressives, one of whom is challenging Coons.

The poll of more than 400 voters has  a margin of error of 5 percent, perhaps due to the small sample. It is worth noting that pollster Patrick Gonzales did predict that Trump would win the 2016 election.

The day  it snowed

Finally, I’ll leave you with a photo from nine years ago.

On that day, I took the family crossover vehicle to the snow-covered road at the Newark Reservoir. Enjoying the day was a skier who carefully made his way up the hill to the reservoir and then skied down.

As for the crossover, it barely made its way  out of a foot of snow. The driver had lost his winter  driving skills.

Enjoy another  snowless day.

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