State says no cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, although one person is being monitored


The Delaware Division of Public Health is investigating a possible case of Coronavirus.

The division emphasized that no cases in the state have been confirmed. No cases have been confirmed in the region based on published reports.

The division noted that the home and workplace precautions for the virus are similar to those for the flu and include frequent washing of hands and covering one’s mouth when coughing. Click here for more information.

Currently the risk to the general public is low, the Division of Public Health reported.

Those with recent travel to Wuhan, China, or contact with someone who has recent travel and is ill, have a greater risk for becoming ill.

The division is asking medical professionals to report suspected cases.

There have been concerns about false reports of cases spreading via social media.

Today, a jet with diplomats and other Americans who were evacuated from the Chinese city landed at a California base. Passengers are being monitored.

Cases have been reported elsewhere from travelers with ties to Wuhan. Symptoms appeared after they arrived at their destinations.

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