Newark adds downtown parking lot under short-term lease deal

The City of Newark announced the opening  of 80 new parking spaces available in the new Municipal Lot #7. The lot officially opened Friday. The lot became available after the signing of a short-term lease. 
The new lot is located on Haines Street between Main Street and Delaware Avenue on the property previously occupied by Simon Eye. This location can be accessed without having to drive on Main Street. 
Lot #7 provides an option for people to come downtown and patronize downtown businesses who may have been reluctant to visit during the construction project.
The city will continue to honor the free parking agreements with the existing tenants: Duck Donuts, Starbucks, and Del One.
Individuals who park in Lot #7 will pay 50 cents  per thirty minutes using parking kiosks or the Passport parking app. .
The increase in parking inventory was made possible by a one-year lease with the owner/operator of Newark Main Street Acquisition Company. On January 1, 2021, both parties have the option to renew the lease for additional three-month terms. 
Long term, the city faces challenges in dealing with downtown parking as a new downtown hotel goes up on property that was part of a leased parking lot.