Logos and trademark colors


Hello everyone,

I was a little surprised when the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce refreshed its logo after four decades.

The logo served  the organization well, although its design did bear a slight  resemblance to  an axe. Then again, it may have  some association in my mind with alma mater, Northern Arizona University and its Lumberjack mascot.

The new logo, which features of the cupola of Legislative Hall, does a good job of illustrating the statewide mission of Chamber.

Designing a logo is not the easiest thing to do in Delaware. The tendency is to roll out the blue and gold color scheme.


The talented folks at the film and design company  Planet 10 did a great job in designing the Delaware Business Now logo a few years ago.

The   yellow and teal theme worked well, but bore a passing resemblance to the corporate colors of former Delaware City refinery owner and gas station supplier Valero.

In 2018, Valero tweaked their color scheme to blue and yellow as part of a plan to combine the stations under one  brand.

In some parts of the country,  stations operated under the Diamond-Shamrock brand.  The cleaner design is beginning to show up at some local  gas station-convenience stores.

If you are thinking about tweaking  your logo, take care.

Some colors are trademarked, including the familiar UPS brown, Target red and the burnt orange of the University of Texas.

Chances of receiving a cease and desist letter are slim unless you are in a similar business.

Enjoy your day and the nice weather, even if a little wind is in the forecast.  If this newsletter was passed along, sign up here for your own  free subscription – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.