Insurer now offers health policies for the self-employed in Delaware


National Insurance Direct is now offering health insurance policies for those who are self-employed in Delaware.

“There are many people who are self-employed in Delaware, and they need access to good health insurance options,”  says  Louie Bynum, the chief executive officer of National Insurance Direct. “We are happy to help them find the best policy for their needs, income, and budget.”

According to the Pew Research Center, there are around 16 million people in the U.S. who are self-employed. They typically have to find their own health insurance, which can be a difficult and confusing task.

The median income for those who are self-employed in Delaware is just under $50,000 annually, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Those who are self-employed need access to affordable health insurance policies.

Those who are self-employed in Delaware can log onto the company’s website and spend a few minutes submitting their information to get a  quote.

The company offers  a range of health insurance options for those self-employed in Delaware, including life, health, dental, short-term plans, Affordable Care Act plans, indemnity, and more.

Highmark Blue Cross, the lone Affordable Care Act, insurer in Delaware cut rates by 19 percent, thanks to a re-assurance program from the state. 

To obtain more information or request a free quote for affordable health insurance, visit the company site at:

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