From WHYY: Flight program operating out of New Castle Airport aims to reduce high cost of training


A training program operating out of New Castle Airport aims to address the growing shortage of pilots.

The accelerated flight program, which already has locations in Allentown and Blue Bell, PA , in partnership with Liberty University, now has nonprofit status. With that, FlyGATEWAY says, in the near future it can offer full scholarships for students who can’t typically afford traditional flight school. The flight program also wants to train veterans under funding from the VA.

Founder Regis de Ramel said FlyGATEWAY is trying to help meet an international pilot shortage by making the industry far more accessible to everyone.

“That’s why we started the nonprofit. It’s not feasible for a lot of low-income kids to get into the space, but the space is really lucrative. And I think kids should consider an alternative to a four-year college that will leave them in debt from $100,000 to $400,000.”

When paid out of pocket, the tuition at FlyGATEWAY is $55,000 to complete the entire program, which typically takes about two years.

It’s much cheaper than traditional four-year aviation schools, which can cost $200,000 after paying for tuition and flight time. Student loans often only cover regular classes, not flight time.

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New Delaware flight program aims to lessen pilot shortage, reduce costs

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