Former Johnson Controls battery site gets violation notice from DNREC


The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has issued a violation notice on the former Johnson Controls battery plant.

According to the notice, the violation has not been corrected and dates back to November 2018.

Allowed emissions of hydrogen gas were based on the lowest achievable detection limit approved in advance by DNREC.

DNREC indicated that  emissions were above detectible levels.

The longtime employer in Middletown has receive tax breaks and financial assistance from the Town of Middletown and the State of Delaware.

Johnson Controls has since sold the operation, which is now known as Clarios. The company is using its expertise in batteries as growth continues in the energy storage sector.

Johnson Controls was a long-time supplier of Sears Diehard vehicle batteries. 

Batteries are now powering automobiles and are now storing power generated from wind and solar generation. 

Clarios spokesperson Kari.B.Pfisterer issued the following:  “We are currently working with the DNREC to understand the basis of the NOV. Clarios is committed to operating at the highest performance levels for environment, health & safety that is protective of both our employees and the communities in which we operate.”

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