Delaware and ‘Megxit’

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You might have seen the headline today about Meghan Markle having a company with a Delaware connection.

It turns out that London’s Daily Mail had the story a couple of days ago about Markle moving a limited liability company’s state of incorporation from California to Delaware. Sorry for the delay, but our royal watchers took a couple of days off.

The move came near the end of the year shortly before reports surfaced that Markle and her husband Prince Harry plan to step away from their royal duties while striving to be financially independent.

In typical tabloid style, the Daily Mail has dubbed the whole affair” Megxit,” adding that her business is now incorporated in the “ultra-discreet state of Delaware.”

The Daily Mail lays out in exhaustive detail “Megxit.” Including the roles of Hollywood business managers and agents who kept their ties with Markell. It reads like a Hollywood script.

The LLC seems to be linked to Megan’s now dormant blog The Tig and a high-powered lawyer and a business manager who represented Markle during her acting career.

The story indicates Markle might use the LLC as a springboard for behind-the-camera work in Tinseltown as well as her giving back efforts.

The reason for this sudden change remains a mystery that will keep the tabloids busy for at least another week or two.

Reports indicate that “bad blood” within the Royal Family is a factor. I would add homesickness or Hollywood sickness to the possible reasons.

Perhaps, Megan will bring back “The Tig” and give us a hint or two.

At any rate, if the Royal couple wants to stop by and check out their filings, I’m sure the Hotel duPont has a suite available.

I noticed the new management has a Land Rover available to provide appropriate transportation in the event that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wants to visit the county of the same name.

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