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Word that Frontier Airlines’ return to the Wilmington-New Castle Airport came over in a press advisory from the governor’s office on Friday afternoon. A press conference is slated for Tuesday.

In keeping with customary practices, we did not run the news immediately since the advisory was “for planning purposes.”

We knew the news would get out and prepared a story. It turned out that two media outlets broke the news and our post went live on Friday night.

While we were not the first out of the gate, the gods at Google decided DBN’s story was worthy of a top ranking. The result was a record day for page views on Saturday.

The algorithms detected that our site has published dozens of stories over the years regarding Frontier airlines and its brief stint in Delaware.

After Frontier flew off in 2015, it was clear that our readers were still interested in airline service coming out of Baltimore-Washington, Philadelphia and even Salisbury.

Over the past six years, more than 100 stories covering airline service have been posted, with more to come.

We’ll learn more about Frontier’s plans on Tuesday. Readers approached the news with a blend of excitement and skepticism. After all, Frontier took off after two years at Wilmington-New Castle, claiming its service was not profitable.

It does not help that the airport lacks a modern terminal that could handle more than one jet at a time. And unlike many small airports, such as Lancaster and Hagerstown, MD, Wilmington-New Castle at least for now does not receive passenger federal subsidies.

Still, Frontier sees some potential in a market that attracted an impressive 200,000 passengers in the early going. Clearly, some price adjustments might have put the service in the black.

For now, we can only wait to see for more information that might include a long-term plan that would better ensure commercial air service. The best guess is that service will focus on Florida. Frontier is building its presence in Miami and Orlando.

We’ll learn more tomorrow.

Kobe remembered

Like many our our readers, we remain in a state of shock over the death of the NBA superstar and his daughter.

One message we continue to hear from those who knew him well was Kobe’s devotion to his craft, despite his world-class talent, and his insistence on pushing forward and never making excuses.

It’s a message all off of us should keep in mind.

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