Brimming Horn announces In flammen, flatbread, Hot Jazz mead


blankBrimming Horn Meadery, Milton, has joined up with chef Robert Leggett and his newest concept In Flammen.

Leggett has been featured on the Cooking Channel and is a writer for Philly Beer Scene Magazine.

EverySaturday at the Milton meadery patrons can order wood-fired German flatbreads also known as “flammkuchen”, – “flame cake” or “pie cooked in flames”.

The dish, created by German farmers, is composed of bread dough rolled thin and then covered with fromage blanc or crème fraiche, caramelized onions and bacon.

Leggett says, “It took a lot of convincing to get me into the doors of the brimming horn. Like many, I had preconceived meads as only being sweet. Upon my first visit I was completely blown away and immediately discovered that not only was I wrong but that I want to do a cuisine that pairs with Jon’s wizardry. I was immediately inspired during my first sip, which was the Six Demon Bag. Mead is more than a beverage, it’s a culture & way of life. Mead makes me think of open pits, flames, natural cookery and wielding fire. Mead is the inspiration for In Flammen.”

In Flammen will be available every Saturday beginning at noon.

blankBrimming Horn Meadery is also collaborating with Rehoboth’s 2nd Time Around band founded by BobYesbek, best known as The Rehoboth Foodie.

The new collaboration mead, “Hot Jazz and Cool Blues”, will be a Pear Jalapeno mead.

Yesbek says, “I love the smooth taste of pears and the gentle spice of jalapeno peppers. Like 2nd Time Around, it brings a bit of everything to the table – a little mellow, a lot upbeat – a few surprises and a lingering musical memory. ”

“Hot Jazz and Cool Blues” became available this month.

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