A Legislative Hall union?


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Delaware may be the first state in the nation to see   a union organizing effort by  legislative staff. The effort was announced on the first day of the General Assembly session.

A brief release cited occassionally  tough schedules  and a lack of job security as reasons for the organizing effort. Word is that current working conditions are not a factor. Pay in an era of heavy student debt  may be another matter. 

The release took note of the union leanings of Democrats, who hold the majority in both the House and Senate, but also added that staffers from both sides of the aisle were part of the organizing effort.

In a world where states like New York and California have not seen a similar organizing campaigns, the news comes as a shock.

In the past, the legislative posts tended to attract young men and women with  an idealistic streak or a love of the hurly burly of the legislative branch.

 It is true that the  demands of the job are  many in a Legislative Hall filled with Type A personalities.

Still,  staff jobs were often a steppingstone to more secure  state jobs with civil service protection or governmental relations positions in the private sector.  

More recently, Legislative Hall jobs attracted former journalists who have been buffeted by waves of layoffs and reorganizations. Their skills are needed in a world where communicating with constituents often comes via social media, Email  or press releases.

Whatever the reason,  the organizing effort is a shot across the bow for legislative leaders who have actively supported union organizing efforts in state government but clearly have some work to do closer to home. 

Enjoy your weekend  and my sympathies to those working to get over stubborn colds.  I feel your pain.

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