Reboot in works for Technology Forum

Janet Reed

A reboot is in the works at the Technology Forum of Delaware.

Janet Reed, chair, said a rebranding, including a new website, is underway for the nonprofit group. Reed is an attorney at Potter Anderson.

Reed spoke Wednesday at the annual holiday get-together at the University and Whist Club. Reed was joined in the announcement by Jake Ruddy, president. Ruddy is President DE/MD at PCS, a managed service provider.

Ruddy and Reed

The Technology Forum is a pioneering group in a fast-moving sector of the economy.

Plans call for the name to be shortened to Tech Forum, a reflection of the regional focus of the group. The Tech Forum name is already in common use. Fewer events will be scheduled for the Technology Forum, which traditionally held networking and presentations on a monthly basis.

The next event, Tech Talks, is slated or March.Tech Talks offer insights, ideas, and inspirations from local and regional technology leaders.

The board of the organization has been working on the new approach for months, according to Ruddy and Reed.

More details on Technology Forum’s plans will be forthcoming.

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