New operator expected to take the place of Fresh Grocer in Wilmington


A new operator is expected to come to the Fresh Grocer location at the Adams Four Shopping Center west of downtown Wilmington.

Fresh Grocer had earlier sent a WARN layoff notification to the Delaware Department of Labor.

A banner is now up at the store for Great Valu, an association of independent grocers in the region that includes the Zingo’s market in Pike Creek.

Updated: Fresh Grocer plans to lay off 80 at Wilmington location

The notice had led to concerns that the lower-income neighborhood around the store would become a “food desert” and add to the economic struggles of the area.

The food desert term applies to areas where access to grocery stores for people without private transportation becomes more difficult. The lack of such stores with fresh produce and vegetables is blamed for health issues that include high obesity rates.

Wilmington does have a Shoprite store in the nearby riverfront area and an Acme in the Trolley Square neighborhood.

The Fresh Grocer has no connection with The Fresh Market, a North Carolina-based chain of gourmet supermarkets with a location in Rehoboth Beach.

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