Updated: M&T Bank issues warning about account ‘phishing’


M&T, the largest full-service bank in Delaware, is warning customers about criminals “phishing” for account information.

“We recently learned of a scam involving text messages advising that your M&T accounts or cards have been restricted. Sensitive personal and account information is requested. Please do not respond to these malicious requests and never provide your information to unsolicited texts, emails, or calls,” M&T warned in a posting on its website.

It was  reported that a Buffalo family fell victim to the scam when text messages appeared on a mobile device during the holiday rush. M&T is headquartered in the western New York city.

A text-based phishing message made its way to Delaware, complete with a link to a bogus  website that harvests account information.

Phishing involves a message indicating a situation with an account via email or text. The potential victim is asked to go to a website or phone representative who asks for card numbers and other information that can potentially be used to hack into the account.

The Email can look official with the company’s logo. The same can be true with a fake website used to harvest account information.

Phishers often target banks with large market shares in a given area in hopes of finding victims, although the scam can also mention credit unions and smaller financial institutions.

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