Derailment closes roads in Montchanin area


Route 100 (Montchanin Road) and other routes west of Wilmington are closed to traffic, due to a derailment of a trio of cars on the East Penn Railroad (Regional Rail)  Wednesday afternoon.

DNREC’s Emergency Response Team was called to the scene of the derailment at the intersection of Montchanin Road and Adams Dam Road.

According to a DNREC statement, three cars carrying butane gas were involved in the derailment with one car coming to rest on its side after leaving the tracks. DNREC Emergency Response detected no leakage from any of the cars, and no injuries were reported.

Heavy equipment has been deployed to the site to get the cars upright and ready for the delivery of the butane.

Due to the derailment,  the following intersections and roadways have been closed: Montchanin Rd. at Rockland Rd., W. Rockland Rd. at Adams Dam Rd. and Montchanin Rd. at Kirk Rd. Limited access will be made available for local traffic only, Delaware State Police reported. 

The roadways are expected to be closed for an extended period.

Click here or travel advisories 

East Penn Railroad operates 110 miles of track in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

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