Tech notes: Christiana Care award; WhyFly choses Pliant for customer onboarding

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ChristianaCare wins award for machine learning model

ChristianaCare has been recognized with theCatalyst Award for Innovationfrom Health Catalyst for its development of a machine-learning model that empowers care managers to better customize care for patients with chronic diseases.

Recognizing organizations that are “digitizing and transforming” health care, HealthCatalyst, a data, analytics and clinical decision support company, selected ChristianaCare for its work to support clinicians caring for patients with chronic health conditions.

“At ChristianaCare, we anticipate the needs of others and help with compassion and generosity, and this prestigious award underscores that commitment,” said Terri Steinberg, M.D., MBA, chief health information officer and vice president of Population Health Informatics.

By implementing a machine-learning model within ChristianaCare’s CareVio care management platform, the team was able to simplify the data that is presented to care managers from 236 data elements to 16. This improved the ability of clinicians to accurately assess the health care needs of their patients and make good decisions.

CareVio is an information technology platform that harnesses real-time health data from all available sources. It uses a prediction analytics engine to enable the care management team to coordinate care, identify at-risk populations and prevent the need for hospitalizations and emergency department visits through preventive care and home care.

Simplifying the presentation of data within the CareVio platform improved the ability for care managers to provide the most effective care to different types of patients with chronic diseases, which account for 90 percent of the $3.3 trillion spent annually on health care in the United States, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CareVio features a multidisciplinary team that includes nurses, social workers, pharmacists and care coordinators who work as care managers for patients in partnership with community providers.

WhyFly picks company with Delaware links

Pliant announced thatWhyFly,an Internet provider in the Wilmington area, has selected Pliant to provide automation for the onboarding of customers and configuration of their devices.

“Pliant automation lets our representatives spend more time focused on obtaining and assisting customers rather than spending time on updating information in the multiple systems that are needed to run a business like WhyFly,” said Nick Sabean of WhyFly. “Customer focus has always been a differentiator for WhyFly and Pliant automation allows us to maintain that focus as we rapidly grow our customer base.”

“Pliant’s workflow and process automation brought about efficiency and effectiveness to ITOps management at WhyFly,” said Kelly Ronan, Chief Solutions Architect atGulf Coast DevOps, which architected the solution. “By integrating Pliant with the GCDO best-in-class service methodology, WhyFly now has the ability to input an order and have the customer fully provisioned for billing and support systems and their hardware automatically set up in a matter of minutes. WhyFly was able to increase the number of customers they are onboarding every day and drive additional revenue without increasing staff.”

“This is truly an exciting time in the evolution of technology,” said Vess Bakalov, CEO of Pliant Automation. “Pliant’s low-code solution drives businesses like WhyFly to grow rapidly, achieving their business goals with an energized team of representatives that are not tied to technology but out there helping customers. Pliant’s drag-and-drop UI allowed WhyFly to achieve their automation goals in a very short period of time, creating productive workflow automation in days, not weeks or months.”

Bakalov is the co-founder of SevOne, a computer systems monitoring company. SevOne was founded in Newark. SevOne moved its headquarters to Boston and Bakalov later left SevOne. He went on to launch Boston-based Pliant.

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