Sen. Cathy Cloutier to seek re-election


State Sen.  Cathy Cloutier announced  she will seek re-election to the state Senate in north Wilmington’s 5th District. 

“I am proud to serve the people of Brandywine Hundred in the 5th District. There is so much still to do. From road repairs to supporting new businesses to tackling difficult situations like obtaining more treatment options for those with addiction, we must make government responsive. My focus remains to make sure our state government does everything it can to support the citizens that I have been privileged to represent. Helping people is the best part of my job,” Cloutier stated.

Cloutier  has been in the Senate since 2000 and she is now a full-time legislator after finishing her career as a regional manager in a national merchandising business. She lives in Heatherbrooke in Brandywine Hundred, where she also serves as a leader in her neighborhood association.

“When the legislature resumes session in January, we have important things to do. There are several bills that I have sponsored that I will work to get passed. They include the restoration of the full Senior Citizen Property Tax Credit; tax relief for student debt; increased safety measures both in our school and for the buses that carry our kids every day. I remain the Senator for everyone in my District. I will continue to work with our community associations to repair local streets. My monthly coffees are available to anyone with a question, idea for improvement in our communities or need to solve a state-related problem.

According to a release, during her  time in the Senate, she has been a fighter for her community. She led the fight to keep the airlines from flying directly over Brandywine Hundred; she was a sponsor on the first state law to protect whistle-blowers. She crossed party lines to help pass the bill that allows people who have served their time to get a start after prison, and she held firm to prevent a significant increase in the personal income tax.

Cloutier, who is well-liked in legislative circles and sometimes crosses party lines on social legislation,  is expected to see a  strong challenge from Democrats. Democrats have an overall advantage in voter registration and have narrowed the gap in traditionally Republican areas in  north Wilmington.

According to the release, Cloutier advocated or co-sponsored: 

  • The Equal Rights Amendment (HB 1, 2019),
  • Attacking the opioid crisis by creating “Overdose System of Care” (HB 440, 2018),
  • The Beau Biden Gun Violence Protection Act (HB 302, 2018)
  • Increased Penalties for ‘Straw Purchases’ of Firearms (HB 174, 2018)
  • Protecting Paid Family Leave for New Parents (HB 3, 2018),
  • Increased state assistance for school nurses and health care centers.
  • Legislation that raised awareness for Child Abuse Protection, Eating Disorders, and Melanoma and Skin Cancer
  • Expanding Access to Medical Marijuana (SB 24, 2019)
  • Requiring  High-Needs Elementary Schools to have Health Centers (HB 101, 2019)
  • Increasing Mental Health Personnel in Elementary Schools (HB 100, 2019)
  • Increasing Insurance Coverage for In Vitro Fertilization (SB 139, 2019)
  • Capping Interest Rates on Payday Loans (HB 54, 2018)
  • The Committee to Review and Reform DHSS (SCR 65, 2019)
  • Increasing State Assistance for Nursing School Students (HB 58, 2019)
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