Paradee resigns from DE Turf board, blasts media coverage


Dover Attorney John Paradee has resigned from the board of DE Turf.

The decision comes after a controversy involving legislation sponsored by his brother, state Sen. Trey Paradee.

The legislation, which was signed by Gov. John Carney,  would have funneled all funds from a Kent County hotel tax to the nonprofit complex of outdoor playing fields south of Dover.

In his letter, Paradee took the News Journal to task for what he described as “patently false and recklessly irresponsible narrative.”

Trey Paradee also shot back on suggestions of a conflict of interest in sponsoring the legislation, which was opposed by the hotel industry and others who were critical of 

However, he asked the Kent County Levy Court to drop consideration of the DE Turf room tax.  The county complied. Paradee says he will introduce legislation that does not designate DE Turf as the sole recipient of room tax funds.

See letter below:



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