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Hello everyone,

Our Australia trip is coming to an end and with the final flights  come  additional challenges in posting this newsletter.

Qantas does not yet have Wi Fi access on its transpacific routes and it will be a while before we connect to the American Airlines flight home.

 Internet speeds over the Pacific can be slow on the carriers that offer service, due to the limits of satellite coverage.

Add in the International Dateline and you might see fewer stories during the next couple of days.

We had a great time traveling around Victoria and South Australia sampling our share of sweets, meat pies, and some fine Shiraz and Riesling. We’re winding up the trip with some shrimp (actually prawns), lamb and steak on the barbie.

We stayed to the south of the devastating fires that have destroyed hundreds of homes in New South Wales and Queensland. 

Rural Australia, like Delaware,  has an army of volunteer firefighters who are bravely battling hundreds of  bushfires. The battles could last for months in areas that have not seen any appreciable rainfall in years.

Australia has its share of blockheads.  One individual started a backfire aimed at saving his cannabis plants. Instead, the blaze threatened his neighbors.

Down south,  hillsides are green for now (a couple of days during a  trip to the south saw sporadic rain)  but that will change during the long summers of the two states.

We’re coming home with a ton of photos, including the shot seen here of the world’s largest (Australian) lobster.  The crustacean resides in Kingston, South Australia and around town is known as Larry the Lobster.

Is it time for Cape Henlopen to come up with the world’s largest horseshoe crab? Just sayin.’

 Enjoy your day and stay away from large fiberglass creatures.

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