Delaware cracks the top 20 in rate of package theft from buildings


Delaware has the 19th highest rate of package theft.

The report from was based on FBI reports on larceny thefts from buildings.  Not all thefts are from porch pirates. However, the website stated it is likely that much of the activity involves residencies.

Ranking at the top of the list was Washington, D.C.  with Massachusetts at No. 51. New Mexico and Alaska ranked two and three in having the highest theft rate.

The theft rate for Washington, D.C. is roughly double the figure for Delaware.

The report noted that the popularity of home delivery services is leading to an uptick in thefts, although the problem is worse in some states than others.

Nearly four in 10 people have reported package thefts.

The Northeast, an area that includes Delaware in the report,  had the highest percentage of larcenies from package thefts.

In response to the thefts, more than half of those surveyed either plan or have installed outdoor or doorbell cameras in an effort to halt thefts.

Suggestions offered in dealing with package thefts include delivering packages to one’s employer to making certain someone is at home at the time of delivery.

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