Delaware Business Now Down Under


Hello everyone,

Putting out a five-day-a-week newsletter can be done almost anywhere.

But the challenges are greater when the work is doing on the other side of the International Dateline.

For the past week, the newsletter has been posted from Australia as we visit family near Melbourne and take some time to check out a tiny portion of this vast continent.

The traveling has left us with two widows for posts and writing – early in the morning (early afternoon on the East Coast and late in the evening (the wee hours out east).

We had one technical glitch when one Our View was not picked up by our MailChimp system. Otherwise, things have gone smoothly.

The traveling may lead to a repeat of this column, but along the way, we will continue to post news of interest to Delaware’s business community.

Have a great weekend. This newsletter returns on Monday.

Shown above is a photo of the 12 Apostles along Australia’s Great Ocean Road. It’s definitely worth putting on your bucket list. – Doug Rainey and Sharon Rainey

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