Dave Grohl’s prescription for  vibrant  cities – all ages music clubs


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Dave Grohl is well known for his years with the legendary Seattle grunge band Nirvana. He later formed the Foo Fighters and remains one of rock’s more successful figures.

But Grohl’s roots are actually in the Washington, D.C. area. Grohl made his D.C. connection clear during a recent discussion in the nation’s capital that was posted in CityLab. Grohl made a strong pitch for music’s role in making cities great places to live.

He points to Seattle as an example of what can happen. Grohl, who had been part of the D.C. rock scene, found fame in the 1990s when he moved to Seattle and joined Nirvana.

He marveled at the influence of music on the area that was once known for its rainy winters, fish and Boeing jets. Seattle is now known as a cool destination.

The degree that music influenced the growth of Pacific Northwest giants like Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon is hard to calculate, Still, it is clear the music scene is a drawing card.

Grohl, who lives in the Los Angeles area, has been known for following the D.C. tradition of spending a week or two at the Delaware beach where he keeps a low profile but does not mind posing for a photo or two. Interestingly enough, music has long been a driver for coastal Delaware’s summer beach scene.

His advice for areas that want to step up their music game – have all-ages clubs. The clubs come with their challenges, but Grohl sees the venues as key to giving young bands a place to learn and build their fan base.

To its credit, Wilmington has recognized the importance of music, although its adult club scene has struggled due to factors that include crime perceptions, suburban sprawl and the lack of club-goers who volunteer to be designated drivers.

Newark has a lot of work to do, with only a few live music venues and an array of restrictions that arise from its conflicting roots as a college and church town that has been known to ban dancing.

Grohl’s advice is worth taking seriously as Delaware works to attract and retain businesses and gain the jobs of the future.

As Grohl noted, “A rich and vibrant music scene brings a lot of happiness. It’s like air — it’s important. You need to have that in your life just to remind you that life’s worth living.”

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