Comcast ups Internet speeds in region


Comcast is increasing download speeds for some of its most Xfinity Internet packages for residential customers in the Northeast Division, which includes 14 northeastern states, including Delaware.

Comcast offers cable TV and Internet service in. a large portion of Delaware. The company employs 1,000 in Delaware.

Download speeds for the Northeast Division’s most popular speed tiers have increased by as much as 60-plus percent, according to the company. This includes lower-speed services.

In total bout 85 percent of Comcast’s Internet saw the speed increases.

Last year, Comcast boosted download speeds and the newest speed is in response to growing consumer demand for faster, high-capacity Internet connections that can handle not only the growing number of connected devices that are powering the smart home, but also offer a single platform to manage and protect the technology.

“Modern homes require fast Internet, wall-to-wall WiFi, and a way to manage the connectivity needs of the entire household,” said Kevin Casey, president of Comcast’s Northeast Division. “Faster speeds, combined with Xfinity xFi’s advanced WiFi coverage and controls, give our Internet customers an unmatched experience along with the tools to manage an expanding number of connected devices, apps and constantly-evolving technologies.”

Customers also can manage their children’s screen time and pause Internet access, as well as protect all their IoT and home automation devices from security threats, the release noted

Also, customers receive complimentary access to the nation’s largest network of WiFi hotspots.

Nationally, over the past four years and across Comcast’s service area, the company has quadrupled its overall network capacity and doubled its fiber miles, deployed gigabit speeds to more homes than any other Internet Service Provider, upgraded all of its speed tiers, and rolled out an entirely new class of gateways – the xFi Gateway and the xFi Advanced Gateway.

Over the next several weeks, customers who lease a gateway will automatically receive the new speeds. Other customers who purchased their own modems should check online to see if they need a new device that is capable of handling these faster speeds, Comcast noted.

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