State Treasurer apologizes for not following rules on use of state vehicle


Delaware State Treasurer Colleen C. Davis has apologized for not following state policy on the use of a state vehicle from May through September.

Davis issued the following:

“I want to share my sincerest apologies for any concern that my use of a state fleet vehicle may have caused. My commitment to the public requires an open and honest dialogue with residents, one that simply cannot occur within the limits of our offices, one that requires my travel throughout the state. As a fiscal officer, I would never intentionally use state-owned property in a way that is inconsistent with state fleet vehicle policy and have now completed the relevant forms to use the vehicle outside of traditional working hours. Serving as an elected official, I am called to the highest level of professionalism, and I assure you that remains my goal. We are working with other officials to define unauthorized use. I plan to rectify the issue both procedurally and financially according to those findings.

Upon awareness of the policy discrepancy, the Treasurer’s Office has worked to implement additional internal policies for staff that continue to encourage accessibility to the public while endeavoring to ensure adherence to relevant procedures. Per state policy, applicable individuals including the Treasurer will complete the imputed income forms by the end of October if their vehicle usage meets OMB requirements.”

It is not the first time Davis and motor vehicles have been in the news. After the Democrat won the race against incumbent Republican Kenneth Simpler, it was reported that Davis was driving on a suspended driver’s license and had other traffic violations. She was quickly taken to task by Republicans.

Davis, a Dagsboro resident, has kept a low profile since taking office.

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