Newark hotels will not evict students waiting for apartment complex’s completion

Two Newark lodging establishments won’t evict students waiting for permanent housing on busy fall weekends.
According to a release from the City of Newark, construction delays associated with the South Main Street Plaza Apartment Complex have led to extended hotel stays with no immediate end in sight.
Tenants, mainly University of Delaware students, have been temporarily housed by the developer at the Embassy Suites at 654 S. College Avenue and the Homewood Suites at 640 S. College Avenue. The tenants have remained at the hotel since late August.
That leaves are three weekends in October where lodging may be difficult for the hotels since reservations for these two hotels were made far in advance of recent South Main Street Plaza housing issues. The three weekends in question are Oct. 11-13; 18-20 and 25-27.
It is unclear as to whether the South Main Street Plaza developer can resolve all code-related issues that include Americans With Disabilities Act requirements. One weekend with especially tight lodging conditions is UD’s Parents’ Weekend (Oct. 18-20.
The city, Embassy Suites, and Homewood Suites would like to clarify that students and other tenants of the South Main Street Plaza will not be asked to leave the hotels during the above listed weekends if the apartment complex is not ready.
People with upcoming weekend reservations at these hotels may be relocated to other local hotels to allow S. Main Street Plaza tenants to stay at the hotel.
Anyone with additional questions can call the city at (302) 366-7000 or the Embassy Suites at (302) 368-8000.
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