Multicultural section of State Bar disassociates itself from TransPerfect group


A group representing multiculturalmembers of the Delaware State Bar Association has distanced itself from Citizens for a Pro-BusinessDelaware.

The letter went on to claim that Citizens is co-opting the effort by lawyers to increase diversity. Also taken to taskwere actions by Citizens that have included harsh criticism of Chancellor Andre Bouchard.

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware, a group of TransPerfect employees and others unhappy with Chancery Court actions, circulated a letter to Gov. John Carney from lawyers groups asking that diversity be taken. into account in the future selection of a state Supreme Court Justice.

Chief Justice Leo Strine is scheduled to leave his post and leave a vacancy on the high court The text of the letter is below

The Multicultural Judges and Lawyers Section of the Delaware State Bar Association wants to make it clear that recent connections made between our Section and the group known as Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware (“CFPBD”) are misleading. While the MJL Section’s mission is, and has been for over 23 years, dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion in our legal community and judiciary; CFPBD has only recently feigned interest in diversity in an attempt to legitimize its long history of personal attacks on Chancellor Andre Bouchard and the Court of Chancery arising out of an adverse ruling against the TransPerfect company and its multi-millionaire owner, Philip Shawe.

Our Section welcomes legitimate partners in our efforts to promote and increase diversity and inclusion among the judiciary and bar in the State of Delaware as evidenced by our collaboration with other organizations in our recent letter to the Governor. We are a section of the Delaware State Bar Association and as such, it is manifest that the Delaware State Bar Associationsupports our efforts despite the inaccurate claims of CFPBD to the contrary. It is clear to our Section that CFPBD’s feigned interest in diversity in the Delaware judiciary is not legitimate and that CFPDB has used this sound-bite to recruit support while concealing their ultimate mission.

The MJL Section of the Delaware State Bar Association does not stand with CFPBD. In fact, we repudiate their attack on our judiciary and their brazen attempt to co-opt the issue of diversity and inclusion of the Delaware judiciary with their self-serving personal vendetta campaign.

KiadiiS. Harmon, Esq., Chair, Multicultural Judges and Lawyers Section Of the Delaware State Bar Association

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