From WHYY: Newport plays catch-up after paying bills with money earmarked for state crime victims fund


The town of Newport is struggling to catch up to pay a portion of traffic and other fines intended for crime victims.

Newport is located west of Wilmington.

A WHYY investigation found that for all the revenue the town raises by ticketing motorists, for at least 14 years Newport hasn’t always followed a state law that requires a portion of collected fines to be paid to the state to reimburse crime victims.

Newport has been spending a portion of that money on town expenses instead of sending it to the Victims’ Compensation Fund, which pays for medical treatment, lost wages, damaged property, counseling fees, funeral expenses and other costs.

The total amount diverted from the state has often been more than $100,000 and the town manager estimated it was nearly $200,000 about four years ago.

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Delaware town diverts money meant for crime victims to pay other bills

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