Driverless vehicles and business disruption


On Wednesday night, Ken Grant of Wilmington-based AAA Mid-Atlantic gave a wide-ranging presentation entitled “How Self-Driving Cars Will Disrupt Every Business In Existence.”


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The event was held at the new campus of Wilmington University in north Wilmington.

Grant made it clear that the views on the future of autonomous vehicles taking people to work and leisure activities minus a steering wheel were not necessarily those of the auto club.

AAA is researching the future of vehicles that will first be seen with driverless shuttles in office parks, airports, and other areas.

In Arizona, where many streets are laid out on a grid, autonomous vehicle tests will soon include taxis without a driver. Currently, tests include a driver who sits away from passengers and monitors the vehicle.

The disruption will come as technology allows vehicles to become part of a network that will sharply reduce highway injuries and fatalities as ownership becomes a membership with insurance, tolls and other services bundled into payments.

Check out tomorrow’s Delaware Business Now newsletter for a closer look at Grant’s presentation.

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