Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware announces $250,000 ad campaign that urges Chancery reform and slams state Bar


Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware vows to push for transparency and accountability in Chancery Court while rolling out a $250,000 ad buy.

The new ads will promote diversity in the Supreme Court and respond to the DSBA’s press conference beginning now and will air on cable and local for the next two to three weeks.

Originally created during the process of selling TransPerfect, CPBD is now calling itself a judicial watchdogs that exposes “the ongoing covert nature of Delaware courts.

Recently, the DSBA held a press conference with the Delaware Bar President William Brady claiming that the group was slamming Chancellor Andre Bouchard and his family under the guise of judicial reform.

“Not only did William Brady, President of the DSBA, irresponsibly avoid CPBD’s valid concerns, but he also chose to insult Delaware residents’ intelligence on the issues at hand. Brady claimed that Delaware residents would disassociate themselves from the group if they knew the facts of the matter at hand, but the opposite is true,” a release from the group claimed.

“Rather than addressing the historical negligence of diversity in the state court, DSBA rallied around their members to uphold their name and slandered CPBD’s push for accountability. As the DSBA continues to neglect the issues at hand and avoids calls of fairness, CPBD will push forward with media ads to spark long-overdue change in the court system,” the release stated.

Brady also tied Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware to an unhappy litigant – Phil Shawe. Shawe prevailed in a Chancery Court buyout battle with former partner Elizabeth Elating, but has been repeatedly slammed Bouchard and Chancery Court.

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware describes itself as a group made up of more than 2,700 members including employees of the translation services company TransPerfect, as well as concerned Delaware residents, business executives and others.

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