Chancellor fines TransPerfect $30,000 a day in billing dispute


Translation services company TransPerfect is being fined $30,000 a day for defying court orders.

Chancellor Andre Bouchard issued the ruling on Thursday that also ordered TransPerfect to pay legal fees.

The high-profile case featured celebrity attorney Alan Dershowitz representing TransPerfect, which is owned by Philip Shawe.

Shawe and TransPerfect were cited for violating Chancery Court orders related to the sale of TransPerfect. Shawe has harshly criticized Bouchard and the Chancery Court system.

Chancery earlier approved the recommendation of custodianRobert Pincus who recommended selling Elizabeth Elting’s 50 percent share of the company to Shawe.

In response to the ruling, Shawe’s attorney, Martin Russo, has issued this statement:
“The Chancellor’s decision is devoid of merit, and has the appearance of impropriety. Various and partisan members of the legal community (including Lawrence Hamermesh who has represented the Chancery Court as its attorney) speaking “on behalf” of the Chancellor in the media have plainly stated what we are all thinking – Chancellor Bouchard has a bone to pick with Mr. Shawe. Why hasn’t the Chancellor recused himself?”

The TransPerfect case went to Chancery Court after the former couple could no longer work together.

Shawe has continued to fight fees related to the sale while harshly criticizing Bouchard. In its filings, TransPerfect claimed Pincus’ post-sale invoices did not detail his services.

After moving TransPerfect’s state of incorporation from Delaware to Nevada, Shawe filed a legal action in that state that remains ongoing.

See the full decision below.



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