Top trending: Cannabis giant opens store in north Wilmington


Columbia Care Inc. has launched a credit card and opened a medical marijuana dispensary on Concord Pike in north Wilmington

The dispensary is the second in Delaware for the publicly traded medical marijuana giant, which has a store and grow site in Smyrna.

The strip center location is at 5506 Concord Pike.

Delaware has about 9,000 individuals in the state’s medical marijuana program, with that number expected to grow.

Legislation to legalize marijuana for recreational use by adults is expected to remain on the legislative agenda.

Previous efforts have been opposed by constituencies that include segments of law enforcement, the medical community, and AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Public opinion polls have indicated that a majority of Delaware residents favor legalization. In nearly all states, legalization has only occurred through the initiative and referendum process that is not part of the DelawareConstitution.

A recent wrinkle has been the illegal use of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) in vaping. A growing number of lung conditions said to resemble chemical burns have been reported. Some cases have also involved non-THC use.

Neighboring New Jersey appeared to be nearing legalization but now seems to be working toward expanding its medical marijuana infrastructure.

The latest announcementalso includes Columbia’s first marijuana dispensary in Maryland in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Chevy Chase and two dispensaries in Florida.

Columbia will also offer the CNC Card, the nation’s first legal credit card for cannabis purchases, at each of these new locations. Due to continuing legal questions about the cannabis industry, the card operates outside the conventional card networks of Visa, Mastercard, etc.

Delaware has other medical marijuana dispensaries, just outside Newark, near Lewes and just outside Wilmington off Maryland Avenue.

The cities of Wilmington and Dover and the town of Middletown do not have dispensaries under the state’s medical marijuana program.

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