Blood Bank of Delmarva issues plea for donations


The Blood Bank of Delmarva,citing a critical shortage, has issued a plea for donations

A release stated the blood bank has seen a “significant decline in regular blood donors, and the region’s supply has reached critically low levels. In order to maintain a safe blood supply, a seven-day inventory of all blood types must be continually replenished. Right now, reserves are below that minimum.”

BBD cited the following factors, which have led to the current shortage:

  • A decline in the overall donor base
  • A decline in first-time donors
  • A decline in repeat donations
  • Increased demand for blood products

“Our friends and neighbors across the nation and the region need more blood products, and yet the number of donors has been declining,” said Richard Thomas, senior executive director at the Blood Bank of Delmarva. “We’re asking the community to come together so everyone in the region has access to the lifesaving blood they need.”

It takes one hour to donate, and a single donation can be used to save multiple lives, a released noted.

BBD‘s primary objective is to reliably provide blood and blood products to meet the patient needs in the 19 hospitals in the Delmarva Region.

About one in seven hospital admissions requires a blood transfusion, and with a limited shelf life, supplies must be continually replenished.

Blood Bank is headquartered near Newark.

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