Jennings cautions buyers about “at home” sexual assault kits


Attorney-General Kathy Jennings says she is concerned about a companymarketing “at home” sexual assault kits being marketed to universities and sexual assault survivors. The kits are available on Amazon and other sites.

She joined other prosecutors who are skeptical of the product.

“Our office has been made aware of a new company selling sexual assault evidence kits for “at-home” use, seemingly targeted at college students. I empathize with survivors’ vulnerability and desire for privacy, but I am extremely skeptical of any business that would charge for evidence kits that are available for free in Delaware,” Jennings continue

Jennings continued, “I am concerned that this business disrupts a continuum of care that connects survivors with free, professional medical and mental health evaluations and treatments. And I am disturbed that this company’s inability to answer basic evidentiary questions could undermine our ability to prosecute rape. Securing justice and proper care for survivors is one of our highest priorities, and evidence collection is too important to that process to be used as a business opportunity. Survivors of sexual assault can receive free medical care from trained, professional Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners in Delaware hospitals, and can find victim services and crisis support resources here.

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