Elsmere officer administers 3 doses of life-saving Narcan on one shift


An Elsmere Police officer helped save three lives on Friday.

On Friday, Sept.  27th, during the course of his 12-hour shift, Cpl. Steven West assisted the New Castle County Police Department on three separate heroin overdoses.

The first occurred in the 1400 block of East  Willow Run Drive in the Development of Willow Run. The second occurred in the 100 block of Matthes Avenue in the development of Elmhurst. The third occurred in the 1600 block of Robbins Place in the development of Cleland Heights.

 West was the first on scene for each incident and was able to successfully administer life-saving measures, including Naloxone (Narcan) doses, reversing the effects of the heroin and allowing each individual to regain consciousness and start breathing on their own again.

The three people were transported to the hospital for observation

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