DMV employee, accomplice plead guilty to drivers’ license fraud case involving undocumented, untested drivers

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An employee of the state Division of Motor Vehicles and a man who bribed her have pleaded guilty to issuing drivers’ licenses to people who hadn’t earned them, a release from the state Justice Department reported.

Danielle Haldeman, 29, of Greenwood, who worked at the DMV facility in Georgetown, accepted bribes from Michelet Pouloute, 44, of Dover, who served as an interpreter for recent non-English speaking immigrants.

Pouloute would give Haldeman cash, and thenHaldeman provided licenses despite the recipients not having proper documentation or testing in a scheme that lasted from August to mid-October 2017.

Haldeman pleaded guilty to 1 count of Felony Receiving a Bribe, as well as 1 count of Misdemeanor Official Misconduct. Pouloute pleaded guilty to 1 count of Felony Bribery.

Each were sentenced by a Superior Court judge to 1 year of probation and restitution to their victims.

All 41 of the licenses have been canceled and returned to the DMV.

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