Construction delays at apartment complex lead to students living in hotel rooms

The City of Newark reported it is working with the developer to get student tenants into the South Main Street Plaza Apartment complex, on the 100 block of South Main.
The complex was slated to welcome its first tenants before the start of the University of Delaware’s 2019-2020 academic year.
However, tenants have not yet been allowed access to the complex due to construction delays. As a result, the developer is now housing all of its waiting tenants in an unidentified local hotel.
Since student move-in at the University of Delaware in late August, concerned parents of University students and other hopeful tenants of the South Main Street Plaza have reached out to the City of Newark regarding the delay and Newark not granting a certificate of occupancy, a release from the city stated.
Inspectors from the City of Newark’s Code Enforcement Division of the Planning Department are working with the developer to bring this project to completion.
The city cites safety and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-related items that remain unaddressed by the developer.
“These problems must be alleviated before the City can grant the developer a certificate of occupancy and subsequently allow tenants to occupy the building, in accordance with City code,” the release stated.
“The city will continue to work with the developer to provide timely and thorough inspections, which will hopefully result in a swift and complete resolution for all future tenants of the South Main Street Plaza Apartment Complex as well as other city residents affected by the construction,” the statement concluded.
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