Billing complaint leads to Delmarva finding late fee errors affecting thousands of customers


Thanks to a single complaint from a customer, Delmarva Power will soon issue refunds to thousands of customers impacted by a billing error on late charges.

The New Castle County resident called the Delaware  Division of the Public Advocate’s office in August with a question about her utility bill. After reviewing the customer’s billing history, the DPA questioned various late payment charges on her bills and contacted Delmarva Power to discuss these concerns.

As a result of the inquiry, Delmarva Power reviewed its files and determined that thousands of customers were due refunds dating back to 2015.

This week Delmarva will begin issuing one-time refunds to affected customers; the average residential refund will be approximately $15.

“This goes to show how important it is to not only pay your utility bills promptly, but to review and understand your billing statements,” said Public Advocate Drew Slater. “The old adage that one person can make a difference rings true in this case. Had this customer not contacted our office and shared her concern, an issue affecting thousands of households may have gone unnoticed.”

“I want to extend my appreciation to Delmarva Power for taking their time in reviewing this case and addressing the issue for all affected customers, and to the customer who contacted our office and brought her concerns to our attention.”

Individuals and small businesses who see problems with utility charges can  start by contacting your utility provider. Unresolved concerns may be reported to the Division of the Public Advocate. The Division of the Public Advocate can be reached at 302-577-5077, 302-241-2555, or via

The Division of the Public Advocate advocates for the lowest reasonable utility rates, principally on behalf of residential and small commercial consumers, consistent with the maintenance of adequate utility service and an equitable distribution of rates among all classes of consumers, a release stated.

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