Amtrak offers glimpse into futuristic interiors of new Acela trains



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Last week, Amtrak showed off mock-ups of the futuristic interiors that will come with its new Acelatrainsets.

The event was held at Wilmington operations of Amtrak. The government-owned railroad has more than 1,000 employees in northern Delaware. Wilmington is also one of the busiest stops for Amtrak.

The first trainset prototype will be ready for testing later this year and will enter revenue service in 2021, with all trainsets in service in 2022.

Demand for upscale Acela service has grown, due in part to the hassles of airport congestion and security screenings along the corridor, which runs from Washington, D.C. to Boston.

The new trains will provide world-class accommodations and amenities, along with a smoother and even more comfortable ride, according to Amtrak.

The trains will also use tilt technology that allows for slightly higher top speeds and additional comfort without reconstruction of corridor tracks to mirror roadbeds in higher speed corridors in Europe and Asia.

The trainsets are being manufactured at Alstom’s Hornell N.Y., facility and each trainset will offer more seating capacity with 378 seats.

Updated amenities will include:

  • Convenient dining options, offering easy access and greater selection
  • An advanced seat reservation system
  • Reliable onboard wi-fi to enhance the digital experience for customers
  • Personal electrical outlets, USB ports and adjustable reading lights at every seat
  • Onboard information system providing real-time information such as location, train speed, and conductor announcements
  • Accessibility features for people with disabilities
  • Spacious restrooms with touchless features and a 60-inch diameter turning radius
  • Streamlined overhead luggage compartment
  • Larger windows and winged headrests for added comfort
  • Cutting-edge safety systems to provide real-time monitoring and ensure a safe and comfortable ride
  • Interior safety details, including handles integrated into the seatbacks to aid customers walking through the train, grab bars for stability and gap fillers to cover the space between the train and the platform, creating a smooth surface for entering/exiting the train
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