After Milton snub, Zombiefest may return from the dead


Milton’s Theatre’s pre-Halloween Zombiefest could be coming back from the dead.

The event had been canceled after the town government in the Sussex County community insisted on restrictions that according to sponsors would not allow the event to recoup its costs, the Cape Gazette reported.

Zombie events have popular around the country, due in part to the popular Walking Dead TV show and numerous movies.

The restrictions came despite the dollars that come into the town from the event that was moving into its sixth year. The town is also the home of the Dogfish Head brewery, a top tourist attraction in Coastal Sussex.

The theater announced that other towns have expressed interest and teased a return in a Facebook post.

Among taking note of the cancellation was Delaware comedienne and actress Aubrey Plaza. Plaza does not hide her Delaware ties and has supported arts activities in the state.

So far, Delaware’s other celebrity – Presidential candidate Joe Biden has not weighed in on the controversy.

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