Route 1 ranked No. 1 as most dangerous summer highway

Coastal Highway. Photo courtesy of DeDOT traffic camera.

Route 1, also listed as Coastal Highway, is the most dangerous route in Delaware when it comes to summer driving.

Ranking No. 2 and 3 respectively on the dangerous route list were, Route 24-Laurel Road and Route 13.

Missing from the Delaware list were Interstates 95 and  495. The interstates run a short distance across northern Delaware.

The figures from  were based on three years of federal figures for summer fatalities from 2015 to 2017.

I-95 was the most dangerous road in both New Jersey and Maryland, with I-81. I-95   ranks as one of the top three deadliest summer highways in eight different states.


 The report noted that small states will see fewer traffic deaths. Small states figures can also be affected by one multi-fatality accident.

Route One has been under scrutiny after an accident that claimed five lives last year when a truck crossed the median. Cables are being installed along the busy north-south route.

One trend noted in the report is the correlation between higher sped limits and increased traffic fatalities, one example being Texas, which has the highest speed limit in the nation.

Delaware has a 65 mile-an-hour limit on many of its major highways.