Woman pleads guilty to charges in blaze that claimed the lives of 3 firefighters


A Wilmington woman has pleaded guilty to charges related to a blaze that took the lives of three firefighters.

“BeatrizFana-Ruizrecklessly starteda fire in the basement of the home where she lived,resultingin the tragic deaths of three Wilmington Fire Department Firefighters and serious injury to another. Whileher motivation in setting the fire was a reaction toher living conditionsand was not intended tophysically harm anyone, her actions were reckless, dangerous, and tragically, fatal,” a release from the Delaware Department of Justice stated.

The state andFana-Ruiz agreed on a pleathat will include a lengthy jail sentence andrequire drug and alcohol treatment.

Fana-Ruiz pleaded guilty to Murder Second Degree, Arson First Degree, and Assault First Degree and will be sentenced in December.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has since filed a detainer againstFana-Ruiz, seeking her deportation to her home country of the Dominican Republic when released from custody in Delaware.

According to the Justice Department, her guilty plea completes the criminal prosecution “will allow those affectedto close thischapterof the tragedy that began on September 24, 2016.”

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