State employees get surgery concierge option that aims to cut costs and improve outcomes


Employer Direct Healthcare has a new partnership with the State of Delaware after winning a competitive Request for Proposal issued by the State in March of 2018 for third-party Centers of Excellence services.

In early July, theState of Delaware launched Employer Direct’s SurgeryPlus product, a supplemental benefit providing surgical concierge services with a focus on high-quality care, substantially lower costs, and a better member experience. The state has been battling high health costs for state employees.

The approximately 100,000 members participating in the State of Delaware’s health plan will have access to SurgeryPlus’ full-service healthcare concierge for over 1,400 procedures.

Patients will be paired with their own dedicated Care Advocate. Their Care Advocate will assist them with everything from finding the best physician for their specific needs, to scheduling their appointments and handling all logistics.

When participants elect to use a participating provider through SurgeryPlus, the State of Delaware will waive all coinsurance and deductible obligations and provide additional cash incentives up to $4,000 per procedure.

John Zutter, CEO of Employer Direct Healthcare, stated, “The State of Delaware’sgoal to reduce the total cost of healthcare for its members, without sacrificing quality or availability, aligns perfectly with what we do at Employer Direct. We are excited to see all of the ways we can help the State of Delaware achieve their goal and provide better healthcare for its members.”

SurgeryPlus helps members identify top-quality providers at appropriate costs, helping employers and their plan participants reduce surgical costs while improving outcomes.

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