Plans unveiled for $700 million mixed-use development in Elkton


A mixed-useproject for a large tract in Elkton was announced on Wednesday.

The project is known as Southfields of Elkton. The 600-plus acre site, located on Routes 40 and 213 on the south end of the town, is slated to be a mixed-use project with residential, retail and business components. A portion of the development is located along the Elk River.

A press conference announcing the project was held by the Cecil County Office of Economic Development, the Town of Elkton and Cecil County Government.

The Cecil Whigreported that national developer Trammel Crow and Stonewall Capital, a Baltimore residential developer are involved in the project, which has a $700 million price tag and would include 1,000 homes as well as recreation areas.

The development would aid efforts to expand Cecil County’ growing number of distribution centers that are now clustered in the Perryville area on the western end of the county.

The locally owned tract has long been eyed for residential development but appeared to fall victim to the recession of 2008 and 2009.

The downturn was made worse by the loss of jobs in neighboring New Castle County, a long-time employment magnet for Cecil County residents.

Cecil has seen better times in recent years, thanks in part to the boom in distribution center construction. The county also saw a decline in what had been one of Maryland’s highest jobless ratesas regional conditions improved in neighboring Harford and New Castle counties.

At the same time, any project of this scope is expected to draw criticism from some in the community, due to its size and attitudes of residents who moved over from New Castle County and other areas seeking less congestion.

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