ILC Dover announces latest generation of spacesuits

Photo shot by Sam Seddon of the newest ILC Dover spacesuits.

ILC Dover recently rolled out its new line of commercial spacesuits this month with the launch of Astro™, the EVA (Extravehicular Activity) spacesuit, and Sol, the LEA (Launch, Entry and Abort) spacesuit.

“These suits mark the next generation for ILC Dover,” said CEO Fran DiNuzzo. “We were at the forefront during the first manned space missions and helped change the world. We’re excited to do it again as we go back to the Moon and on to Mars.”

ILC Dover is based in Frederica, DE.

ILC Dover designed and built the Apollo spacesuits that explored the moon, the EMU spacesuits that built the International Space Station, and the prototype advanced walking suits Mark III, Z-1, and Z-2. Their team is now supplying the outerwear for those willing to leap back into space, this time with a patented hybrid upper torso for Astro EVA.

NASA recently announced that it will be going back to the Moon with the Artemis Program and plans to put the first woman on a lunar surface.

“Space is always a mystery,” said Patty Stoll, division manager of Space Systems at ILC Dover. “But with mystery comes opportunity. We love helping discover what’s Beyond Boundaries™ and can’t wait to see the results of the Artemis missions and further.”

Astro EVA is equipped with q newly patented Hybrid Upper Torso to accommodate all astronauts. The Hybrid Upper Torso can be resized without tools, thereby minimizing EVA spacesuit inventory. In addition, the engineers optimized mobility without compromising weight.

ILC Dover spacesuits have made 3,000 hours of spacewalks, 250 space flights and six moon landings without a single failure.

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